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Excessive battery heat

My G2-white is about 5 months old.  It's recently developed a problem characterized by:

Insane battery drain (I normally get about 4 days of use out of my unit) and it's down to about 12 hours (when the problem occurs.)
The screen is discoloring (brown dots are appearing on the right side of the screen) (presumed heat related/not old fashioned screen burn in)
The phone gets significantly warm on the right side below the rear camera) when idle.

I'm going to assume I have to replace the unit anyhow because of the screen damage at this point, but is there anything I can do in the meantime to try and solve the issues at hand?  I've done the major reset which I learned about from a previous static/crackle/pop issue.

Re: Excessive battery heat
Customer Support

I am very concerned to hear about your battery troubles ZoomJag! Overheating can be a major issue, and I want to make sure you have a phone that works. Due to the nature of overheating, we recommend that you bring your device, and all charging equipment you use with it, to your local Verizon store for testing. You can find the closest corporate store here: They will test, and help to determine your next course of action.

Thank you,
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