Zune Question


Hey everyone,


I just got my kin twom a couple days ago and i've been enjoying the semi smart phone functionality for a feature phone price. speaking as someone that has never owned a smart phone but has wanted one for a while, this phone is a nice bridge between capability and price. so far, i've enjoyed it.


but one aspect of the phone that is still confusing to me is the zune stuff. i've been an itunes guy my whole life. i've never used zune (or even heard of it for that matter) until a couple of days ago. on my kin two m i've seen the zune tab and parused around, but can someone gimme the skinny and simplify things for me? if anyone could give me a quick run through of what zune does/how it works that would be awesome.


how does zune music, photo's, video's, movies, radio work?


What's the "syncing" process like?


do i need a zune "account" to use it? if so, what are my purchasing options (cost, duration, length of subscription, usage restrictions, etc.)?


are there free sections of zune?


thanks for taking the time to read my post. i appreciate all the help i can get. thanks!






Re: Zune Question


Zune is basically Microsofts answer to the ipod. First, you need to go to Zune.net and download the zune software. Once done you can sync all your music and videos (or 8gb at least) to your kin. Then it simply functions as anyother mp3 player. I will say though the sound quality is really good and the display and functionality is very nice. As for free functions the entire thing is free, or included with the phone; however, if you choose to sign up for the zune marketplace it is like itunes and let's you download music to your phone. The drawback is that you can't download any apps or games so you will limited to just music and videos. Hope I helped some and hope enjoy the zune, I sure do and I use it everyday.


ps. the radio is your basic FM radio you just need to have headphones plugged in to use it.


NOTICE: I just saw you have a mac from your other post. You can't use the zune software, you need to go to   http://www.markspace.com/kin/index.php and download the software there and then the rest is the same. By the way, you should look thru the posts because this topic has already been discussed a couple of times. Also you may find some more useful tips for your new Kin.