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Kin TWOm vs. LG Cosmos Touch

My family is now eligible for an upgrade, but my parents don't want to pay for data plans, and I'm a poor college student with no money to do so, so I have to stick with the feature phones and choose something with no data required.


I've looked into them, and I'm stuck between the Kin and the Cosmos Touch.


IMO, here are the major pros and cons of each one:

Kin Pros:
* Wifi capable
* 8GB Zune player
* 8mp camera
* 720p video
* Large display

Kin Cons:
* No forwarding messages 
* Short battery life on standby

Cosmos Pros:
* Small size (easier to put in pocket)
* Expandable memory
* More features i.e. tip calculator, stopwatch etc.
* Easy to get ringtones
* Easy to customize wallpaper etc.

Cosmos Cons:
* 1.3mp camera
* No video recording
* Bad keyboard setup (space bar between v and b)

Which phone do you suggest I get and why?

Re: Kin TWOm vs. LG Cosmos Touch

Well, with the Kin you can check your email and browse the web for free, and the Zune player is really nice. Plus, there IS a calculator and you can add a photo as wallpaper ... it just only shows up on the unlock screen. For instance, when you press the power button, your photo appears then you peel back the corner and it goes to either your app screen or your favorites screen. 


That said, the Cosmos Touch is rated 4.5 stars, so it must be a decent device. Personally, I would hate going back in time to a 1.3mp camera ... that would probably be a deal breaker for me. I went to college before everyone carried cell phones (ha), but I would think having a nice camera with you would be a plus.


Consider going to a corporate store that has working phones to try the devices. You may find one just fits you better. Good luck deciding.

Re: Kin TWOm vs. LG Cosmos Touch

I too am not a fan of the 1.3mp camera...that's terrible! I have an Alias (the grey one -- so the 3rd of the first gen), and that's got a 1.3mp camera. I've had the phone for 2 years, and I only have about 40 pictures because it's not even worth taking them 98% of the time.


I definitely plan on going to a store with working phones and checking both out (both the Verizon store and the kiosk in the mall where I live have them).


I feel like I'll probably end up going with the Kin, but I'm trying to get as much info as I can before I make my decision.

Re: Kin TWOm vs. LG Cosmos Touch

don't forget backup assistant! that's another dealbreaker for some people.


for kin, there's no backup assistant, ie no backing up, export, or import of the contacts. You can back up media files (photos, videos, music) via zune player, and i think even if you have a MAC, they have to assist you in syncing the media files.


for cosmos touch...obviously you get backup assistant and all that great support from vzw.


But if you are like me, who has never really used backup assistants, and I manually type in every contact i know/need for all my previous phones anyway, then this probably wouldn't make much difference.


also the interface is very different, i'm sure you are aware of it. although listed as a feature phone, kin still got the old interface and not the normal vz stuff that all other feature phones possess. make sure you are used to it.


i read on the reviews of vzw that there are a lot of ppl returning the kin because they wasn't aware of the interface difference.


ringtone-wise...i don't know. all the phones i have with verizon (except chocolate 1) all had terrible ringtone situation mainly because I like to use my own ringtones and they are vzw were particular annoying at letting ppl having their way in the old days.

i think now it's getting better but obviously, there is still no way of deleting ringtones on kin, you can use or your parents/friends phones to send the ringtones you want to you as MMS (messaging charge applies), but you cannot rename it in your kin (must do it before sending).


cosmos touch...ehh im thinking the opposite? not really sure but prob. more convenient.


I will suggesst get the cosmos touch for your parents and a kin twom for yourself, that way, you guys can switch around.

if you are upgrading around this time, maybe you should wait til christmas hits? there might be new phones or new sales or something. kin is not going anywhere...$50 is as cheap as it gets i think.


I don't think they have the kin in stores yet...or is that old news? update me thx!

Re: Kin TWOm vs. LG Cosmos Touch

I have never used backup assistant. I didn't even know what it was until I read about the Kin not having it. 


My parents certainly won't be getting either the Kin or the Cosmos Touch...they'll want more "normal" or "traditional" phones. I get to choose what phone I want for myself though.


I highly doubt that between now and Christmas there will be much change...and since my parents won't pay more than $50 for a phone, the price is right on the Kin. (If I get a phone that's more, I have to pay the difference).