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I recently received and activated my KIN TWOm.  I went to the Verizon Site and blocked data using the instructions I found in this community.  I selected everything except Block Pictures and Video Messaging.  

I noticed that I have a $1.99 data charge for July so I called Technical Support.  Technical Support said that my daughter has unlimited text/video/picture messaging on her Trance but that I do not have that same feature because of my device.  He said that I cannot send pictures and video nor receive pictures and video without incurring data charges on my device unless I go through e-mail using wifi.  So basically the unlimited texting that I pay for every month is no longer a feature because I got a new device??????


This contradicts everything I have read on this forum for clients with an unlimited text plan.  


What exactly can I send through text without incurring data charges?  text? pictures? video?


What can I receive?  


Please Advise! 



Unl Picture/Video Msg


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Re: KIN TWOm BLOCK DATA again ...

ps.  I just went back to our account online and both phones are showing unlimited text messaging.  However, when I first logged in before I toggled back and forth between devices it showed that the Trance has unlimited text messaging but that I need to pay 0.20 to 0.25 which I know to be incorrect.  Then it showed that I had unlimited text messaging but the Trance has to pay 0.20 to 0.25 per text.  Once I toggled back and forth a few times it finally reflected the correct plan which is a shared 700 minutes and both phones with unlimited text messaging.  




Anyway, I wonder if that is what Tech Support was seeing when I called?


I do not want a data plan and cannot afford to run up a huge cell phone bill.  Please Clarify this for me so I can relax and enjoy my new phone.



Re: KIN TWOm BLOCK DATA again ...

I called support again and this time verified that my plan does indeed include 700 minutes + unlimited messaging for both phones.  The weird thing is that my plan online still changes from 0.20 (text) to 0.25 (photo) cents per message to unlimited randomly even though I have unlimited messaging on both devices.


This is what I am most afraid of because I am on a tight budget.  Why doesn't the system consistently reflect my plan correctly?


She also verified that I did block data correctly so I don't need to worry about incurring data charges and I can indeed text photos and videos from my device based on my current plan.


I told her what I was told by Tech Support and she said that he was incorrect.


I do wonder why the system is not accurately reflecting my plan all of the time and I also wonder if we're getting information from support based on incorrect information on the system.  Do they use the same system the client uses?


On the right hand side of my plan I can unhide my features and see unlimited texting on both phones which is correct. 


Under the devices on the left side of the screen viewing my plan vacillates between unlimited and limited and varies also from device to device.  STRANGE & CURIOUS!


Anyway, I'm going to let it go knowing that I've done all I can to avoid data fees.  If they happen hopefully these calls will be on record as my effort to avoid them at all costs.