Verizon dumps on prepaid users. **AVOID PREPAID**

I am a reasonable person and actually don't get bothered by much in life. 


In all of my 29 years of life, I do not recall a single company I have dealt with so much trouble than with Verizon Prepaid service. 



I am a traveler, nomad, business owner, and professional, so when I saw an unlimited WiFi option for the United States, I got super excited (and I have never had trouble with Verizon postpaid in the past).

I was wrong to get so excited.

Speaking to a CSR over the phone, they assured me that there was no preference of post-paid accounts vs. prepaid accounts and that the service would not be throttled in certain areas. 

I got the same response from a Verizon agent in store. So I decided to buy the $200 Jetpack and a $70 prepaid service to help me with running my business in remote locations and also the ability to surf the web safely in a public location. 

Right out of the store the device would not work. I had to return to the store and see what was wrong. I left and came back 3 hours later and the team there could still not figure out the issue. They even tried giving me a whole different device which yielded the same results. 

(**UPDATE** around this time I had to spend 45 minutes on the phone with support agents to get my refund that never showed up from Verizon)

With neither of them working, they decided to just give me the $50 jetpack since it would work (which was frustrating to see priced $30 at Best Buy after this encounter). 

Finally, it works away from the store!

Well...  not soo fast. 

It was working in a camper while I was in a secluded area but the minute I was around other people, say-- a shopping center or restaurant, the speeds would slow down to less than 1 MB downloads. That is not even useable outside of checking an email. 

I found this everywhere I went as I traveled up to Tennessee to visit other family. Once I realized that this junk would not work in either of these areas I tried to return it in a Verizon store. 

Well, you guessed it.

Too bad. You can only return it in the store in which it was bought. Which was a few hundred miles away. I tried calling customer service and they told me that there is nothing they can do. 

So, I figured once I drove home to Durango, Colorado there was hope that it might work since it is a more secluded area and might not be throttled. Too BAD. 

It does not work anywhere in town whether it is right in the middle of the city or outside in the boonies. 

Frustrated to the max, I call Verizon. Too bad. They can't help a prepaid customer, they only help postpaid and I had to call a different number provided.

I called the next number and got hung up on and was never able to connect to a live agent even though the recording said I would connect to one soon. 

It says, "It seems that you are having trouble using our system, Goodbye!"

For someone who lives life in a very relaxed manner, you Verizon, have had me slamming my phone into the desk and screaming customer service at the top of my lungs into the phone. 

It is a shame that Verizon has monopolized the cell service industry and can get away with this garbage without it hurting their business. 

Now I am out $200+, hours of my time, and have finally been able to understand just how frustrating life can be when you're pushed around by a company that is in charge of a certain industry. 

Thanks a whole lot and I hope that your business begins to fail and another player can take your spot on the pedestal of cell service providers.

I am now forced to take every measure I can in writing blogs, forums, and social media so I can try and waste some of your time as well as hope that you lose some money from it.  



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Re: Verizon dumps on prepaid users. **AVOID PREPAID**

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So why not get regular service instead of prepaid? In fact why not get a business account if you're trying to run a business? There is reason why prepaid is cheaper. Also if you're not happy switch carriers. As someone that lives in rural west Tennessee we have Verizon, at&t and even T-Mobile to choose from. Also Verion does not throttle. It's called depriotitzation and yes prepaid does have lower priority vs postpaid tiered data and Above Unlimited below 75 GB and Beyond Unlimited under 22 GB it otherwise has the same priority as Go Unlimited, Above Unlimtied above 75 GB and Beyond Unlimtied above 22 GB.


Re: Verizon dumps on prepaid users. **AVOID PREPAID**