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Is there a way to get text notifications or something on my end device for low battery on my 8800L?  I don't sit and watch the 8800L screen while I'm working, so I don't see low battery alerts on the screen.  I need a way to be notified where I'll acually see it.


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There is no out of box way to notify customers when the battery is low.  Verizon will not notify you about your device battery status either.  Battery management is something that falls on the end user.

To rig up a custom solution on your own you must consider the following:

- The MiFi does not send battery usage information over the network or USB connection to the connected clients.

- To see the battery usage electronically a client must connect to the MiFis admin page

- The MiFis' admin page should always be the same IP address, but is only available to locally connected machines.  You cannot remote connect into a MiFi and pull this information back.

- Parsing of the MiFis admin page may be possible, but it likely uses Java or another dynamic web technology that requires a real user to log in and view the page.  The content you want may not be easily available from a scripting perspective.

- The actual notification system would require access to an email server

One way to pull off your idea is to creatively script something together with powershell, vb or another scripting language.  Get the admin page by navigating to the IP address of the MiFi.  Find a way to load all of the content on the page.  Parse the content for battery information.  Send that information in a regular email message to your desired email address (or leverage your carriers free email to texing service).  Then run this script on a loop from a machine that is frequently connected to the MiFi.  

No, I do not have a working example to provide you with.  That is beyond the scope of what we can assist you with on the VZW forum.  However you might be able to draft some help from another technical community like Reddit for something like this.


Re: 8800L Low Battery notifications

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The recommendation from @John_Getzke was very good, although it is just like he said in that the exact details of it are outside of the scope of this forum. However, if the jetpack is nearby when you are using it, please check out this link for steps on managing the audio alerts, including low and critical low battery sounds: https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/knowledge-base-220932/ . Please keep us posted on how that goes for you.