Re: 5G MIFI M1000 Port forwarding

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Yes, port forwarding isn't used when you're connecting to an App remotely through the internet 


Re: 5G MIFI M1000 Port forwarding


I reached out to Verizon Corporate Communications and confirmed that 5G will have the same or similar NAT Firewall restrictions as the 4G LTE network.  Users will need to use the same work arounds with 5G as before. FYI  @Ann154 

I didn't have any issues accessing the Arlo system through the Arlo app. Is there something different in the method that the app uses to access the camera system that gets around the firewall?

Maybe.  NAT is only a problem for internet traffic.  Local connections between devices do not touch the VZW NAT.  It depends on how your specific camera was setup and how the app was configured at the time.

Many camera manufacturers are working around these limitations by implementing cloud services.  With a cloud architecture the cameras reach out to a centralized cloud system on the internet.  NAT does not stop devices from reaching out to the internet, only random devices from reaching in.  Once a pathway is created from a device reaching out of the NAT then communication can flow.

That means if your purchase a camera that consistently reaches out to a cloud service you should be fine. But if you purchase a camera that depends on port forwarding then you need to use the previously mentioned work arounds.