100% Packet Loss


Ok so I signed up Verizon and got the jet pack 4G mobile hotspot, been using it on XBOX One playing online, have not had any issues until yesterday, Lag seemed to be awful but upload and download speeds were great, then I noticed when I ran the test over it says I have a 100% packet loss..Anyone know of any solutions?

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Re: 100% Packet Loss


Can you confirm what test you ran that gave you these statistics?

100% packet loss would mean that there is nothing coming through the pipe for that period of time.  You are essentially disconnected at 100% loss, speed is the least of your concerns.  That is also going to depend on what you are testing your packet loss test against.  Perhaps VZW is blocking this particular test from completing.

A more standard test is to get a browser, connect to the Jetpack and navigate to SpeedTest.net.  Run a few tests here and take the average speeds that are recorded to paint a better picture.

Xbox also has well known limitations with the VZW 4G LTE network.  Unless something new has happened all Xbox users on 4G LTE are not able to host multiplayer games due to the NAT firewall that runs that network.