Thunderbolt, email and Wildblue


I have recently upgraded to the Thunderbolt and have a problem with email.  I use wildblue.net (satellite provider) for my email and internet access.  Wildblue uses Google for delivery of email.  I previously had a Blackberry and my emails were downloaded to both my Blackberry and desktop PC without any problem.  With the Thunderbolt, it seems that my emails will only go to either the PC or to the Thunderbolt, whichever happens to be downloading at the time the emial comes into the server, but will not download to both.  I believe I have ticked every setting possible on the Thunderbolt, wildblue and my desktop PC.  No emails are deleted from the server ever at this point, but still, if the thunderbolt happens to refresh and download emails, the same emails will not go to my PC when it downloads.  Has anyone had this problem and found a solution?   All suggestions welcome!