Rebooting Problem - Tweet @VZWSupport and let them know!


I, like most of you on here, have been having the rebooting issue since I purchased the device. It was doing it before the OTA update and after. I suggest you guys call Verizon, or simply hit them up on twitter. The old saying goes 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease'.. WELL IT'S TIME TO  GET SQUEAKY!




I just tweeted them and they responded with this: 


"I apologize. We are aware of the situation and our Network Team is working hard to resolve this issue. *CM"




Re: Rebooting Problem - Tweet @VZWSupport and let them know!

Mine reboots off and on after update but I told them. And when I'm charging it does shut off. I have the new update. After it does this then when I go into a Verizon app like NFL mobile I have to log in to my Verizon profile before I can use the app. Ugh. Does it make u sign in to if my Verizon profile after u turn the phone on as well as go into say NFL mobile or a Verizon owned app like media manager just when u start the app on. Everytime the phone turns off I have to sign in if I want to open one of these apps.