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Phone dead

I just hate HTC thunderbolt. Buying it was the biggest mistake. The phone is slow, the battery life sucks, 4G keeps on dropping when you are in middle of doing something important and today my phone is suddenly dead. I was just trying to make this phone last the contract period so that I can switch but it didn't even last 18 months.

I have an extra battery pack in my cell which used to give me alteast 2 days of battery life but today after just one day my phone is shut down and is not even getting charged. I tried putting in the stock battery and even that is not getting charged. I was using it fine till evening but after 2 hours its just is dead. I tried connecting it to wall charger for quite some time but the phone wont start. Even the light that used to come up when charging is not coming up. I tried using both the batteries but none is working. It's like I don't have a phone anymore and I can't even use another phone to use my number.

This is the worst phone I have ever seen. Verizon is just making money by selling these bad models which won't even last the term of contract. I can't even renew and get a newer model. I don't know what to do but first thing tomorrow morning will be to go to the shop and see if they will give me a new phone.

Re: Phone dead

It's a shame you're having issues with your Thunderbolt.  I hope Verizon is able to assist you.

We have 2 Thunderbolts on our plan and they both work quite well.  I bought an Extended Battery which is amazing.  I can get through at least 12 hours on this battery and still have plenty of charge left at the end of the day.  It's a bit larger than people like in general because of the battery but it's worth the bulk compared to running out of juice mid-day.  The standard battery which came with the phone gets me through roughly 8 hours before I have to plug it in.  That's not too bad considering it's half the size of my large capacity battery.

My luck has been really good with HTC products.  I used to be a huge Motorola fan but I can't stand their user interface.  I tried a Droid MAXX for 6 days and hated it.  The more I learned about it, the more I disliked which is unfortunate.  Motorola offers many great products.  It's a great thing that we have variety to choose from.

Good luck finding a replacement.  I hope whatever you get, it works out better for you than the Thunderbolt did. 

Re: Phone dead
Customer Support

I know I would be frustrated too if my phone wouldn't respond sumitk1! Let's bring your phone back to life! Were you able to have the phone evaluated at a store location? Have you tried an alternate hard reset? Take a look here for more details.


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Re: Phone dead

i feel your pain, i did factory resets, went through a couple thunderbolt and i paid money for a phone that was a lemon and would not work, did verizon swap me to a new phone, nope I had to pay for a new phone so i can still be grandfathered in with truely unlimited internet. Truely ridiculous when you buy a product and have nothing with problems with it and the company wont fix the problem and your forced to have to buy a new phone or let them bully you into changing your contract and having to pay for internet. I say all of us alltel customers who are grandfathered in with unlimited internet find a app so we can have the internet turned on all day and be on it all day. im sure verizon would love that.

Re: Phone dead

I couldn't hard reset it as the phone doesn't boot. It doesn't even charge

or show any light. So I can't do anything.

I just got it checked and the hardware technician says that the phone is

dead due to hardware failure. So now I am stuck in a contract without a

phone. Can't up grade as well so what would you suggest? There was no

damage to the cell and it just died. Shouldnt a phone at least last for the

contract period?

I am pretty sure that i am never gonna buy an HTC phone. And will have to

cancel my family plan from Verizon as well. If I am paying I will better

get a new hardware in a new contract.

On Oct 20, 2012 6:50 AM, "Verizon Wireless Customer Support" <

Re: Phone dead

OP. My phone is just as quick as some of the newer models due to overclocking. Plus, I get 1 full day of heavy usage with bluetooth and gps on with the extended battery and no juice defending apps. I've even gone as long as two days.

I offer Android optimization services. I'm more than happy to offer tips an pointers. Just Google "az concept photo tech".

As for the phone being dead...Try plugging in with a different charger, or your computer. Leave it plugged in for a few hours without touching it. If it still doesn't work, chances are it's something physical. Check eBay and Craigslist for an Android replacement since you don't have insurance. Personal opinion, stick with HTC, they have the best UI IMO. Plus, unlocked bootloaders 🙂 

Hope you get it figured out.