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Multitude of issues

I have had my HTC Thunderbolt for a long time now and really for about the first year that I had it I didn't have much of a problem beside the battery draining extremely fast. Now a few updates later and after buying an extended battery, I have encountered even more problems than before, and I just wanted to know if anyone had a solution for them.

First off, even though I now have the extended battery, my phone won't charge past 73% which makes it somewhat useless. Doesn't matter how long it charges, and whether it is powered on or off. Occasionally it won't even charge that high.

Second, when I have my mobile internet turned on I usually (and always have) gotten 4G LTE around here but the last few months when I use it the arrows will stop flashing and the icon will even disappear entirely and any loading will cease completely. It doesn't matter where I'm at, whether it is in a great signal area or not. It usually doesn't matter whether I restart the phone or take the battery out or anything like that, eventually it all goes back to the network dropping off so often that my mobile internet is pretty much useless.

So since my network connection started failing me I would resort to just using Wi-Fi as much as possible, which is usually great. However, often times my Facebook app (not sure if it's any other apps, but most other things work fine such as email or the browser) won't work while using my home Wi-Fi (it does sometimes though, and at some places). In addition, since my network issues, the photos of my contacts that have always been synced to their Facebook photos now don't even show up, and they're just grey-faced.

I know some of these issues are common or redundant, but upon searching I find it difficult to find straight or final fixes to them, so any words of advice  for these issues would be much appreciated.

Re: Multitude of issues
Super User
Super User

Have you tried a different battery to see it charges properly?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.