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Loss of mobile network in Weaverville, California?

Is anyone else out in Weaverville, California experiencing loss of mobile network functions on their verizon phones? My family and I have had this sporadic problem for well over a week or more now. Calling support only gets you frustrated as they run you through rebooting your phone, push this, select that, check this setting. I have a work phone which is also a verizon phone which is experiencing the same issues. It is NOT my phone - it is the service, cell tower, mobile network, something else - it is not my phone. They said they would followup finally after about going through 3 techs. A few days later I get a message saying the issue has been resolved. Well last couple of days - we are experiencing the same issues. No mobile network - even though the box is checked. Can't see the graphics on my emails. When calling another verizon phone (my work phone) it goes straight to voice mail - even if you are standing there holding the phone in your other hand. I email tech support - let's see what happens now. Needed to vent, and was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem(s). Report it if you are so maybe they'll do something.

Re: Loss of mobile network in Weaverville, California?
Customer Support

Hi there Phylsd,

I truly appreciate you taking the time to write this out!  It truly is important to have reliable wireless service and I'm so sorry this hasn't been the case for you, your family and even your business line!

I completely understand that sometimes the troubleshooting process can be cumbersome, but the steps are generally needed!  In your particular case if multiple device types are having the same issue I would have gone with the same Resolution Ticket process.

You mentioned you reeived a message that it was resolved.  Do you still happen to have that ticket number?  I would love to check on it for you and see what our next step is!


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