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ICS Messaging Problems?

So I have the HTC Thunderbolt and updated to 4.0.4 ICS about a week or two ago.

Tonight I have been having problems with the messaging app. It won't load my messages (not the new format, all that changed over for me a week or so ago), and I can't go to a specific person's contact and text that way. I can't even view a thread by person.

I turned on and off and restarted my phone several times to no avail.

I am currently letting it charge up and am going to leave it turned off tonight, and I am going to turn it back on tomorrow morning. Will this possibly solve the messaging problem?

Any help would be appreciated.



Re: ICS Messaging Problems?

If you download a text app(handsent, go sms pro etc) from the play store..this will be a workaround for you.  Ultimately what will need to be done is to wipe or clear the cache partition for the device first.  If this does not help then most likely a reset will need to be done.  If you go to settings and then power..make sure fast boot is not checked.  Then to wipe the cache partition..I believe you power the phone off.  Press the volume down and the power button til you get a white recovery screen.  Highlight recovery and press the power key to select it.  Wait for the screen that shows a triangle in the corner and then press volume up/down at same time until you get a menu.  Scroll down and highlight wipe cache partition and use power key to select.  Once its done select reboot now.*you may want to double check these steps-i believe they are correct but may have missed a step*  Once phone is on then try the messaging again.  Also wiping the cache will not delete your info.  If this does not work you will need to reset the phone.  Hope this helps!

Re: ICS Messaging Problems?
Customer Support

Hey thunderbolt95!

Messaging is just about all I ever use for communicating with friends and family these days so I know the importance of getting you back up and running here. Of course, I'm terribly sorry to learn this happened in the first place but no need to worry any further because I've got you covered.

First of all, thanks for all you've done thus far. Additionally, what was provided by our fellow community member is a step that we recommend. If you haven't done that already, I just want to make one really brief suggestion that may be a bit easier. Go to settings > applications > manage applications > all > find the messaging app > clear data and force close. Then restart your phone, test, and let us know how it goes. Thanks!

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