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Hot spot struggle...

I was able to get my new Thunderbolt just in time to take it to the mountains for the weekend. I brought my laptop and set everything up smooth as silk with my Thunderbolt hotshot, it registered five bars of reception. When I checked my laptop it showed me connected yet I was unable to get on the internet. I'm home now and have checked the laptop with my home wireless and it works just fine so I know the laptop is OK.


Any thoughts as to what I might try in order to make my $30.00 internet connection via hotshot work?:smileysad:

Re: Hot spot struggle...

You said that now that you're home, you were able to connect your laptop to your home wireless, but you didn't say if you've tried connecting your laptop to the TBolt hotspot since you got home. I'm know you've probably done this, but I just want to make sure. If you can get on the internet at home while connected to the hotspot, but not in the mountains, I would say it had something to do with location. If you can't access the internet while using the hotspot from either location, that will rule out location as a possibility and we can go through your settings to try to figure out something else, or it may actually be a problem with your phone.


Showing 5 bars doesn't necessarily mean you have a strong 4G connection. The bars are an indicator of your voice connection. The 1x, 3G and 4G icons in your info bar indicate your data connection. When you were on your trip and trying to get on the internet, did your phone show a 1x, 3G, or 4G icon with the up and down arrows in the info bar?