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I have had Verizon Wireless as my cellphone provider for 10+ years and was also a Fios customer when the service was available at my previous residence. I was shocked by the experience that I have had both in store and with the customer service center representatives the past two months. This is all in my account history and can be verified. I’m not sure if this will even be read (I know it is quite long), but I trust that Verizon will want to hear their customers and take action from this poat. I have spent over 2 and a half hours on the phone with Verizon Wireless in the past two months over this issue. I saw a commercial for a promotional value for $300 off a Pixel 3 phone. A few days later I called the store to confirm that the promotion was still happening before I went to buy the phone. On Sunday, June 17th I went to the Verizon Wireless store located at 180 Main street, Suite 50 in Saugus, MA. The first representative told me that the only promotion that the store had was a buy one get one free phone. I was ready to walk out of the store when two other agents overheard and corrected him that the $300 off promotion for the Pixel 3 was also an option. I told the agent I wanted a Pixel 3 128GB phone, but he came out with the wrong phone and had to complete a refund/return…twice. He grabbed the 64GB vs the 128GB and then he grabbed the larger phone. A different representative had to step in and complete the transaction as the original salesman was unable to. I was told in store that my bill would be around $115. I left the store confused as one of the returns was done by crediting my credit card and the other return was done with credit to my Verizon wireless account (in addition to the phones the accessories were also refunded/switched). On Monday, June 17th at 9:02am I received an email that the promotional credit was not applied to my account. So I called the customer service department and spent 25mins and 29seconds on a call with a representative named Kevin. He told me that the email I received was in regards to the promotion on my old phone and confirmed that my bill would be around $115. I was still confused about what I actually paid for at the store the day before, but he was unable to help me as he couldn’t see the in-store receipts on my online account. He was very nice, and confirmed that I would receive the promotional value, but didn’t seem that knowledgeable about the products/my account/the terms. Kevin told me that I may not see the credit on my next bill, but to call back if I didn’t. On Friday, July 12th I checked online and saw that my bill for $142.12 was due on August 1st. I nearly fell out of my chair as I was told the bill would be around $115 and part of my reason for the upgrade was that my monthly bill would be less than my Motorola phone. I followed Kevin’s instruction and called Verizon Customer service at 9:35am. I spent a total of 29 mins on the phone. The first representative was a young man who told me that the date that I bought the phone was outside of the promotional value and that my bill would be $142.12 moving forward. I immediately asked to speak to a representative. Leslie took over for the first agent. She was very professional, helpful and applied the $12.50 credit for the monthly bills moving forward. She told me to pay the bill of $142.12 this month and that on the bill due August 25th I would see the $12.50 discount twice. She said that she would call back the following month to discuss my bill with me. She did in fact call on August 12th in the afternoon although I missed her call she did leave a voicemail. I signed up for autopay to save $5 on my monthly bill and called Verizon Wireless again on Friday, July 19th at 12:04pm to discuss applying the $5 discount to my bill due on July 25th since it was so high. I was on the phone with the agent for 33mins. She was very nice and was able to apply the $5 credit to the July 25th bill bringing it down to $137.12. After the auto-debit for the $137.12 came out I checked the account and confirmed that my bill due on august 25th would be $101.85 and that my monthly bills would be $119.00 On Thursday, August 1st I received an adverse action letter from Verizon saying that I was not eligible for the promotional value. I checked my account a few days later and the bill due on August 25th increased to $106.85 and the regular monthly bills increased to $125.01. I called the customer service center at 10:10 am and spent a total of 48mins and 47 seconds on the phone. The first agent was nice at first but I kept questioning her and asked to speak to a supervisor. She got very defensive and didn’t want to transfer me to a supervisor and said “what do you think a supervisor is going to do for you?” I had to repeat myself three times for her to transfer me. Sheria (I don’t believe I’m spelling her name correctly, but it should be in my notes) took over from there and went through my bill with me. I tried to tell her that my monthly bills were consistent when I had my old phone, the conversation that I had with Leslie, my in-store and overall experience. She tried telling me the monthly bill had changed so much since I got my new phone due to the taxes which wasn’t the case at all. She ended up getting very rude to me and when I asked if there was a number or email for customer relations she said: “what are you going to complain about the taxes?” in a condescending tone. That’s when I decided to write this letter. This has been almost two months, several phone calls, and dealing with rude customer service representatives over something that should be very simple and accurate. I encourage you to please listen to the calls on Thursday, August 1st and review the notes in my account as well as the amount of in-store receipts from June 17th. This has taken so much energy, time, and frustration over a phone. And yes, this post has taken more time and energy, but hopefully the action in me writing this conveys how frustrated I am as a customer. I like Verizon and before this my interactions were okay. After this I am considering switching providers. I would like to remain a Verizon Wireless customer and I’m hoping there is something that can be done to help remediate this issue.

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