wifi calling using csipsimple or other


I have a motorola razzr M and am going on vacation out of the U.S.  I have heard I can make free calls if im connected to a wifi spot either using a wifi calling service or installing the app csipsimple?

I found a service called voipvoip.com and they seem pretty simple and cheap but was just wondering if anyone makes wifi calls using csipsimple app alone or in conjuction with pbxes.org thus bypassing a 3rd party voip calling service.

If it is more simpler using a service like voipvoip.com I have no problem with that, they say it is only 6.99 per month for a virtual phone number and only 1.9 cents per min. to call the U.S. from Tobago and ppl using my U.S. virtual number will not be charged long distance rates.

When I sign up to any voip service or use csipsimple will I get a “new” cell phone number?  I want to be able to use wifi and call from Trinidad/Tobago back to the U.S. either free or low cost and have ppl be able to call from a landline or mobile phone with local rates. . . this is all very confusing to me. 

Any other simple suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you.

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