serious data hog Razr M?


I just got a new Razr M on Thursday and over the weekend with what is typical useage for me I racked up over 200MB of data! Does this seem normal? I know it had to do a lot of updating and I did get some apps, but I wasn't on constantly. I have to shut my data off when I am not using it because at one time when the phone was sitting on the charger it used over 75 MB. What can I do to prevent overages while still getting the most out of my phone?

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Re: serious data hog Razr M?

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If you Have Cable Get a wireless Router =  Wi-Fi   if you have a Land Line phone Service Get Hooked up to DSL and get a wireless Router = Wi-Fi )  If you Live were there is Free Wi-Fi use it )  When your not using Data but want to call shut off the Data as you Mention!