"my music"/sound issues/force close issues


I've had my razr maxx since early dec.  I've had force close/unresponsive issues from about half the apps I use (these issues come up multiple times a day).   And included with that I get the issue of my home screen being unresponsive and it refuses to go home after backing out of everything you've opened, it just keeps flashing back to phone calls (even though no phone calls had been made or received all day).  Shutting down always fixes this.  My way way bigger issue is this... I spent HOURS creating play lists in the "my music" app? (it shows up in my app list but not in my google play apps lists-I checked because I wanted to leave comments or check for updates).  The playlists stuck around for about 2 weeks then out of nowhere ALL of them were gone.  I had several so I know there was NO way I could've accidentally deleted them.  Along with that issue, I've randomly went in to add or delete or listen to music and sometimes it's all there, sometimes some of it is, sometimes it's empty.  Is it an app problem that I can just download a different music player or is it a phone issue that's going to be a long term problem with any player I use?  It's pretty rare for me to go more than a few days without listening to music on my phone so,  I'm pretty concerned with this.  Along with this issue, I'm having this problem where I'll start playing music and it's playing but no sound.  I turn it all the way up, I turn it all the way down, start it, stop it, change songs... nothing... Nothing brings it back until there's a new type of sound playing (like a game sound). This also happens in reverse where there's no game sound until I start a song. Any ideas anyone?  Because of the holiday gifting season I technically have until the 15th to trade in for a different phone. I've been plagued for the last 5 years with really really terrible phones and I'm terrified this is going to happen again. 

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Re: "my music"/sound issues/force close issues

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Hey there andrealkern,

I listen to music on my device all the time! I know how important it can be. That's why I want to help.

Honestly, this sounds like a memory card issue. I assume your music is on your card, correct? An issue with the card itself or the card reader on the phone would cause the songs to disappear and reappear. The same goes for the playlists. The reason it may be flashing back to the home screen is because an application that is on the card is not functioning properly and making the phone freeze. Have you tried the same card in another device? Same or different problems? Have you tried a different card in your device?

You may have an application or file that is causing the problem as well. Where did you get the music files? Try putting your device in Safe Mode http://bit.ly/UMkFYD and the retry. If it works better, there's most certainly an app that is causing the problem.

Please let us know if you're still having this problem and we can work further. Thanks!


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