"Show pictures" in email


(I have a Droid Razr Maxx)

I set up my hotmail, yahoo and optonline.net (Cablevision's email) accounts on my phone.
When you open an email in any of these accounts, it gives you the option of showing the pictures in the email by touching the "Show Pictures" icon on the top of the email.

If you want to always "Show Pictures" from that particular Sender, you can touch the "Show Pictures" icon twice and it will automatically show the pictures from that Sender going forward.

However, that "Show Pictures" icon is sensitive and once in a while I accidentally hit it twice in a row without meaning to.

My question is, how do you reverse that action? (In other words, can you "Unshow Pictures" - not the correct phrase, but you get my point - from a Sender for whom you accidentally touched the "Show Pictures" icon twice?)

Thanks for any help

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