auto insertion on Chrome on Razr M


Here recently, when I am attempting to enter a google chrome search and/or attempting to fill-in login/password info, the screen auto inserts random letters and WON'T let me backspace/delete the unwanted letter(s).  I use my phone for work, as well as personal, and in both cases it is SOOOO frustrating that I end up finding a desktop computer to look information up. 

I've gone into the history and cleared the cache, temp files, passwords, etc.....but NOTHING helps.  I really don't want to reset the phone back to factory specs....too many things that can't be lost.    I will admit I did forward the clock a couple times to get thru a game faster, yet I didn't think that would affect the google chrome performance.


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Re: auto insertion on Chrome on Razr M

Customer Support


How bizarre. But good news is we'll get this fixed ASAP. Now, I'm glad to know you've already done the proper troubleshooting when it comes to clearing history, cache, temp. files, passwords, etc. May I ask if this is the only app that you have these issues with? If so, rather than being a phone issue, it's like the app. That being said, please uninstall then reinstall and test.


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