Wifi Troubles


my husband recently got the new droid razr maxx phone and when he goes to connect it to our home wifi it lags out our connection so bad to the point that we cant play online games or watch netflix, and we know its the problem because he turns the wifi off to his phone and everything resumes back to normal speed, i have my person droid 4 connected to the wifi router and it doesnt bother it at all so trying to find out why its doing that and what we can do to make it stop, thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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Re: Wifi Troubles

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This may solve the issue with the least amount of effort.

Turn off the modem, router, and the new cell phone. then restart the modem and let it cycle back up fully. Then do the same for the router. (If you have a combo modem router then just recycle that device) Then turn on the new droid and wait for it to find your husbands device. I will assume you are using some sort of security like WEP or WPA? Remember to put the password in the new phone under the internet connection. Choose remember and log in automatically in the husbands phone.

The phone should then keep the connection to your wifi at home.

Do not run an open wifi without protection. in some cases a device will look for any open connection and connect. In those cases the strongest signal may be on your devices and not your own network.