Texting issues


My text messaging has been acting suspect lately, especially today. My phone has had issues in the past not receiving texts-either not at all or really delayed. Over the past few days (I first noticed it on Saturday), my message list reverts back a few days, but when I click on a conversation, all messages are current. Now I'm worried I'm not receiving or sending correctly.  I'll try to clarify as best as I can....

When i click on my text messaging app (I've been using the Verizon Messages app but this also happens in the stock messaging app as well) and my conversation lists appear, all the time stamps say the last message sent/received was on Saturday, even though I have sent messages since then. But when I click on a conversation, it will be current (it shows messages sent today).

Since Saturday when I first noticed this happening, I have restarted my phone, deleted recently downloaded apps, and cleared the system cache. Any other suggestions?


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