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I am thinking about upgrading my almost two-year old Motorola Droid to a Motorola Droid Razr.  I just need a little convincing the upgrade with be worth it.  My Droid will be 2 years old in February.  At that time, I plan to switch phone numbers with another old phone still active on my account and delete the unneeded extra line and phone number.  I think I'm correct in that I can do this and keep my grandfathered, unlimited data plan.  At that point, I'm thinking about upgrading to the Droid Razr and 4G network.  As I understand it, I will be able to keep my unlimited data plan for $30 per month.  In addition to making phone calls, I use my phone for viewing my Slingbox, Netflix, Pandora, and navigation.  My current Motorola Droid works flawlessly and even with 3G, does a good job with the Slingbox and Netflix, etc.  I guess I'm trying to decide if moving to 4G is going to be worth another two-year committment, and if so, is the Razr the best Android phone available?  Also, has Verizon resolved their 4G problems with the new Droid Razr?  Thanks for your input.

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I dont know. I am not sure I would get a device where you are not 'supposed' to remove the battery


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i'm extremely happy with my year old droid x & really don't need 4g, so i'm not jumping into the bionic/razor problem area. when you say "go back to an old phone" then eliminate one line & upgrade, be careful that they're all smartphones & you'll keep the unlimited data.


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The RAZR can do what you're doing now and I wouldn't worry about the removable battery. It's easy to reset if you ever need to and it's no more problem to carry a portable battery charger around (various sizes available depending on how many charges you want from it) than a battery.  A number of people have used the Power Gen Ultra Slim and Velcro it to the back of their RAZR.  Makes it about as thick as many other phones. I prefer a larger charger that's good for longer periods of no ac availability - like camping, airports and travel - and can charge more than just my phone. It won't attach to my phone or fit in my pants pocket, but would easily fit in a purse or coat pocket.

As far as if the RAZR's the best, that honestly depends on what you want to use it for.  I love it, but maybe for you there's something better. I'd read the links below not to necessarily see which ones they think is best, but to learn about them and see what you think.

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