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Software update not available when roaming?

I have been waiting for ICS long enough.. Now I'm on international roaming and connected to a wifi source, but the 'system updates' option on my phone is gray and not available. Is it possible to update while roaming? Don't want to wait until I return to the US... thanks!

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Re: Software update not available when roaming?
Sr. Leader

Well Sorry Were all waiting for it. It will be just a as good getting it Here as to getting it over there an lot less can happen here when Downloading it..Have a Fun Vacation.Smiley Happy

Re: Software update not available when roaming?
Customer Support

Hello creambear! I have great news for you! The ICS update has started effective 6/22. The process takes 3 - 4 weeks to complete and is being released in stages. If you are one of the lucky ones to get it sooner than later then it can be downloaded and installed via wifi. As usual, you will receive an alert on your phone advising that it is available for you, assuming you are connected to a data network at the time. If you have any additional questions for me then don't hesitate to reply to this message. Thank you. ^AH