So certain temperatures does what? (Razr)


Alright so after reading the manual, or searching for temperatures it just says  "do not store above a certain temperature or below a temperature" also it says "do not recharge at a certain temperature"

but it doesnt say what it does.  For example..extreme heat will probably kill the device; i'm well aware on that.  But what about cold?  Yes logic would dictate, -5 degrees Farenheit would freeze up the device too, I understand that.  But I think the temperature where i'm wasnt extreme

25-30 degrees Farenheit.....what I did notice was a battery drain.  Like 39% down to 18% after 4hrs of being turned is that what cold does?

Cold drains battery levels? and possibly heat would kill the overall life expentancy of the *cell* (battery cell)??


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