Smart Actions not working properly after software update


My Razr updated 2 days ago and since then my Smart Actions are not working properly. 

I have my Work action set to turn the volume down when I'm at a certain GPS.  It shows that "Work" is active, but doesn't turn the volume down.

Also, there are times (since I've owned the phone) that it will not connect to the network after coming off a Wifi Connection without rebooting the phone.  I took it into a Verizon store and they did a hard reset, and that fixed it for a time, but it started doing it again. 

Any help appreciated.

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Re: Smart Actions not working properly after software update

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi mcclainkb, Let's make sure your phone works as you expect it to! Have you tried removing the Smart Action and setting it back up again?  Are your other GPS services working as normal?  After the hard reset performed in the store did you install all of the same application that you had before?

Thank you,

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