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Real world Razr HD battery life...

I'm interested in real experiences with the battery life... those of you who have the new Razr HD, i'm curious to know your experience.  Is it better than the M, but not as good as

please give me some examples... I dont stream a lot of content, but I use corporate email (exchange), heavy twitter and reading web links that I curate or am linked to as part of an article.  I'm on the phone a good part of the day an night to stay connected...  but, I dont watch a lot of video or stream content like Pandora, etc.

I'm most interested in the or the RazrHD - the is too much money for so the additional battery and storage aren't in my budget... thanks in advance..

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Re: Real world Razr HD battery life...
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If you don't mind spending a Extra $100.00 the Maxx HD i think would be the better Way to Go and it's to much bigger in size Wise to the Razr Hd) i have to Razr Maxx's and the Extended had more than Payed for itself  the 1 Unit i'v had for 9 months my other Unit No.2 i'v had for 5 months and when i have a Day to 2 days of Battery Life it doesn't get any better than that,, b33

Re: Real world Razr HD battery life...

I posted this in another thread, but I feel it applies here as well:

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