Re: Razr won't connect to PC after ICS Upgrade

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You should be able to delete them in safe mode


1.Power off PC

2.Turn on and press F8 until you see a black screen with text on it.

3. Select SAFE MODE from list.


Re: Razr won't connect to PC after ICS Upgrade

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You did do an uninstall and with no phone connected, right? Go to your Start Button(Orb), click on it, then All Programs, then Startup, if Motohelper is in there, right click and delete it. I THINK that ForwardDaemon launches through/with motohelper so it probably won't be listed in Startup.

The next step is killing those processes - note that since they are still "hanging on" even after an uninstall, once we've deleted these you may get warning messages when you restart afterwards.

There are three we need to kill:


*IF* you have/had MotoCast installed then you may have these as well:


For each of those processes you need to do this:

With the phone still disconnected - on your computer keyboard do a Ctrl+Shift+Esc and task manager will start up.
Go to the processes Tab, make sure that "Show processes from all users" is checked.
Find each of the processes listed above, click on each to highlight then click on End Process.
Now you should be able to go back and delete the folders and files.
Again though, I'm concerned though that they are still there - you DID do an uninstall, right?

P.S. If at any point you feel overwhelmed DM me and we can set up a remote session that will let me see your screen and guide you, or do it for you.


Re: Razr won't connect to PC after ICS Upgrade

OK, so I deleted those files, rebooted, and downloaded the driver again, rebooted, and then connected phone again. Btw, phone wasn't connected when I uninstalled the moto software.  Same result, computer says "unrecognized usb drive" and then doesn't register anything after a second.  Phone charges.  I "followed" you, and I think you have to follow me back so I can send you a DM. thanks again!!