Razr M gallery crashing since JB update


RAZR M owner. Received the Jelly Bean update earlier this week on Tuesday, 11/13.

The issue is when I'm viewing pics in the gallery. I can open the gallery and view the folders just fine. I can look at the pics in my Download folder, Messaging, but Gallery crashes when I try to open the Camera folder.

When connected to my computer I can't access this folder either.

Is this an issue with software or could it be a physical issue with the SD card? I can access everything else on the SD card and view all other folders in Galery except for my Camera folder and it does not work on phone or connected to laptop.

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Re: Razr M gallery crashing since JB update

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Have you rebooted your Phone?  If not try that first.  It rebooting does not cure the problem, go to:  Settings> Apps > All > Gallery and clear Data and Cache.  Reboot your phone and see if the problem disappears.


Re: Razr M gallery crashing since JB update

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KyleMT, thanks for posting. I am sorry to hear that you are having those issues with the gallery. I would suggest the priliminary steps that were suggested by "breezex." If those troubleshooting steps don't work, try this: http://bit.ly/Swwlu1 .



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