RAZR Screen Lock seems to Negate GMail Notifications


Love my new Droid RAZR!  However, my employer requires that we use screen lock if we are getting firm e-mail on the device.  I set up the screen lock with PIN and no longer get GMail notifications.  I still get text notifications.  Anyone see this and have a solution?  A no notifications condition is not acceptable.  I have tested it twice, after resetting to factory defaults.  Happens every time.  I didn't even set up the corporate e-mail, thinking it might be the problem. Only change is setting up screenlock with PIN.  Then GMail notifications stop.  Thanks in advance

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Re: RAZR Screen Lock seems to Negate GMail Notifications

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etymomel wrote:

Another factory reset seems to have resolved this.  Currently getting all notifications with screen lock PIN enabled and corporate account set up.  Thanks.

  So what did you do different this time that you didn't do before? You said in your first post that you did the factory reset, and didn't install your corporate email, and it would not notify. You did it again, and this time it works?