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B33, Excellent job putting this together. Going to try a few of those right now on my Maxx.


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Okie Doki  Hey Jake if you want to send a D.M. Sometime in the Future just take your Mouse hover over the Avatar and Click Follow and Check allow and we can Talk on this stuff that Way...




B33! This is awesome. Thank you so much.


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Setting up Email: Tip No. 25,6720,8417

How can I set up my email account?

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Community Advice

Follow the steps listed below to set up your personal email account or Exchange (corporate sync) email accounts.If for any reason, your email account is not listed here, or you are having problems with your email account, please contact your email provider for assistance.Adding an Email Account

  1. Open the Applications tray, tap My Accounts.
  2. Tap Add Account or Advanced setup > Add Account
  3. Tap Email  Accounts or Email
  4. Select an email account to add
  5. Enter the username and password. Some of the more popular email accounts will be able to set up automatically.
    • If you are unsuccessful with setting up your account automatically, touch Other from the email accounts screen and deselect automatically configure account by removing the checkmark. Use the chart listed below for the more popular email settings.
  6. Tap Next.
  7. Tap Incoming Server.
  8. Enter the appropriate information.
  9. Tap Outgoing Server.
  10. Enter the appropriate information.
  11. Tap Ok.
  12. Tap OK.

During the connection, you may be asked to complete a manual set-up if your email provider is not recognized, youremail address/password is incorrect, or if your email provider has restrictions on mobile email set-up. Please check with your email provider to obtain any of that detail. You will need your password, login name, POP3 or IMAP port, and server settings to complete a Manual set-up. If you have this information ready, proceed to next section regarding Manual setup. We have listed a chart of manual settings for some POP3/IMAP email providers at the bottom of this FAQ.

Delete or remove Email accountsThe process below describes how to delete all email accounts set-up under your Email application; not your Gmail application. You can only remove the Gmail account set-up under your Gmail application by completing a Factory Data Reset. To delete either your Personal or Exchange email account, follow these steps:

  1. From the home screen, tap Apps
  2. Tap My Accounts
  3. Touch the email account you wish to remove
  4. Touch Remove account

If you do not see you email account listed under My accounts, Logon to using the account tied to your phone. Once you are logged in, go to Sync & Connect accounts and delete any existing account. CLICK HERE to view example.

For Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) users.Follow the steps listed below to set up your personal email account.If for any reason, your email account is not listed here, or you are having problems with your email account, please contact your email provider for assistance.Adding an Email Account

  1. From the home screen touch Image > Settings > Accounts & Sync
  2. Tap Add Account > Email
  3. Select an email account to add.If your email provider is not listed or you would like to manually set up your account, touch Other from the email accounts screen.
  4. Enter the username and password. Some of the more popular email accounts will be able to set up automatically.
    • If you are unsuccessful with setting up your account automatically, touch Other from the email accounts, enter your email address and password and touch Manual Set up.
      Select your account type

    • Use the chart listed below for the more popular email settings.

Some common ISP / Email provider manual settings.Click on ISP name link for more detailed set-up instructions:

POP3/IMAPAccountServerTypeIncoming ServerIncoming PortUsesecureserverVerifyCert.Outgoing ServerOutgoingPortUse secureserverVerifyCert.
Aim.comIMAP4imap.aim.com993 (or 143)YesYessmtp.aim.com465 (or 587)YesYes (or 143) (or 587)YesYes
charter.netPOP3mail.charterinternet.com110NoNosmtp.charterinternet.com25NoNo (or 110) (or 465)NoNo
cox.netPOP3varies by location995 (or 110)YesYesvaries by location587 (or 465)NoNo
earthlink.netPOP3pop.earthlink.net110NoNosmtpauth.earthlink.net587 (or 25)NoNo
excite.comPOP3pop3.excite.com110NoYessmtp.excite.com25 (or 587)NoYes
Go Daddy AccountsPOP3pop.secureserver.net995 (or 110 w/out Secure connection)YesYessmtpout.secureserver.net465 (or 25 w/out Secure connection)YesYes
lycos.comPOP3pop.mail.lycos.com110NoYessmtp.mail.lycos.com25 (or 587)NoYes
macIMAP4mail.mac.com993YesYessmtp.mac.com25 (or 587)NoNo (or 587) NoYes
mindspringPOP3pop.mindspring.com110NoNosmtpauth.earthlink.net587 (or 25)NoNo
RoadrunnerPOP3varies by location110NoNovaries by location587 (or 25)NoNo
verizon.netPOP3incoming.verizon.net110NoYesoutgoing.verizon.net25 (or 587)NoYes

  • Emails may reappear according to your POP3 email settings. Use a computer to enable the "Delete from server" option on your email provider settings if using a POP3 service.

Re: RAZR / RAZR MAXX Helpful Tips..


B33 - to extend battery life as well....there is a free app LTE OnOff that will allow you to choose CDMA auto (PRL) which takes the phone to 3G.  Now, why do this, because like in my area, the 4G network is a little sketchy and so it eats lots of battery.... Doing a google search, I found this tip (I used to have mine on the CDMA option before ICS). 



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Tip No. 26,6720,8417

Adobe flash support with DROID RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich

Why did Google/Motorola remove Flash?

Adobe Flash is not removed from the device; however, due to Adobe's discontinuation of Flash development, Flash Player is no longer preloaded and is not available for download from Google Play to your device. Existing installations of Flash Player may or may not play Flash video properly. Alternatively, the new HTML5 standard is on your device and is supported for Web video .

I heard Flash was no longer available, but mine seems to be working

Existing installations of Flash Player may or may not play Flash video properly. This will vary depending on the specific device configuration and on the website. 

I purchased this phone because it had flash capability, why was it removed?

Flash has not been removed, it simply will not be supported moving forward, as Adobe is no longer supporting the development of Flash Player for Android 4.0

Is there an alternate application or something I can use in place of flash?

Alternatively, the new HTML5 standard is supported for Web video found on your device. Many sites already support this standard and should be viewable with no additional apps.

While we do not endorse or guarantee these solutions, or provide support for them, some owners have reported success using a 3rd party Android Applications like "Adobe AIR".  You can search the Google Play Store for 3rd party applications that are available that may enable you to run the flash video on your device without a browser, providing the convenience of a native app or browser.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is a new standard for rich web content that is already prevalent and in wide use today.

What about the Apps in Google play, will those that required flash be updated?

Some applications may be impacted, but most developers are working to ensure compatibility. You can check the specific specs for the app you are interested in.



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Tip No. 27,6720,8417

Are there any tips and tricks for users running Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)?

Customize your Favorites tray

The Favorites tray at the bottom of the home screen gives you one-touch access to your most-used applications, no matter which home screen panel you’re using. You can customize or remove these icons, except the one in the center that opens your list of apps.
You have four customizable shortcuts, two on either side of Image, the permanent app launcher:


To customize the Favorites tray:

  1. Touch and hold one of the customizable icons, then drag it to Remove.
  2. TouchImage> APPS tab.
  3. Touch and hold the app you want. When the new shortcut appears, drag it to the empty spot in your Favorites tray.

Unlock and lock touchscreenTo unlock the screen, press the Power key, then touch Imageand flick to Image.To lock the screen, press the Power key, or let the screen time out (don't press anything).ImageTip:To add a message to the lock screen:1. From the home screen, touch Image> System settings.2. Touch Security > Owner info and type your message.
Switch between appsYou can switch quickly between apps you've used recently. This is a great way to multi-task! Update your Calendar, send text messages, and take photos... You can easily move back and forth among several apps.Touch and hold Image to see your recent apps, listed with the most recent at the bottom. Touch any app to return to it. Scroll up to see more apps. Flick left to remove an app from the list.Image
Organize Apps in FoldersAs part of the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.x home screen redesign, Google has added a new way of making folders.
  1. From the home screen tap and select the second last application from right as shown below.
  2. As you drag the app icon over the other you will see that the application will be circled in the blue colored theme as shown below.
  3. Release the application and its icon will appear the circle behind the icon of the first application.
  4. Tap on the newly created folder to create a title and rename the new folder.
  5. Once complete, you can drag additional applications to the newly created folder at any time.
Note: The maximum number of applications which can be dragged to a folder is 16.

Use widgetsYour home screen includes widgets that stream live information to you, giving you some of the functionality of an app without having to open the entire app. For example, the Calendar widget displays your agenda for the day, and gives you one-touch access to the full calendar when you need it.Click here for video instructions on how to add and delete widgets on the home screen pages to personalize your DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX by Motorola.To add widgets to your home screen:
  1. Touch Image > WIDGETS tab, and there are your choices.
  2. Scroll through your list of widgets by flicking left/right.
  3. Touch and hold a widget to add it.
    To install a fully functioning widget, be sure to use items from the WIDGETS tab (not the ALL APPS tab).
To remove a widget from the home screen:
  1. Touch and hold the widget until it vibrates.
  2. Drag it to Remove at the top of the screen.
To restore a widget, simply add it to the home screen again.Various types of widgets can provide lots of info in a small space:• Scrollable widgets show you a text list of items, such as tasks or calendar events. Drag up/down to see other items. Touch items to open them in the app to get more details or to make changes. For example, the Calendar widget:Image• Stacked widgets show you photos of items, like books or videos. Simply flick down/up to scan through items in the stack. Touch an item to open it. For example, the YouTube widget for videos:Image• You can make some widgets larger to view more content. Just touch and hold the widget until it's highlighted, release it to see an outline, then drag a corner or side to resize. For example, the Bookmarks widget:Image
BrowsingGet more viewing area with browser shortcuts.Your browser has a Quick controls setting that brings up browser shortcuts on command, giving you more viewing area.To use Quick controls:
  1. Open the browser and touch Image > Settings > Labs.
  2. Check the box next to Quick controls. The controls no longer appear at the top of the screen.
  3. To access Quick controls, simply slide your finger or thumb from the left or right side black border onto the screen area. The controls appear under your finger, and you can slide to a control and select it.
ImageView the full siteMany sites provide a mobile version of their content to your phone or tablet, a lighter version that removes pictures and simplifies navigation for screens smaller than a computer screen. This is great for saving data charges, but sometimes you want to see the full version of a site instead of the mobile version.If you've gone to a site in your browser and it's displaying the mobile version, view the full version by touchingImage >Request desktop site.View content offlineDid you know you can download Web pages so you can read them when you don't have a network connection?To save a page to your device for reading offline:
  1. Load the page you want in your browser.
  2. Touch Image > Save for offline reading.
To read the saved page while offline:
  1. Open your browser.
  2. Touch the top right of the browser screen, then touch Image
  3. Touch the SAVED PAGES tab.
  4. Touch the thumbnail of the saved page to open it.

PerformanceLimit data consumptionIt's easy to exceed the limits of your data plan without realizing it. But there's a way to avoid surprises. You can monitor data consumption, day-by-day and app-by-app. The reporting is visual, so you don't need to wade through a lot of numbers to figure out what's going on.
To cut costs, you can set a monthly limit on mobile data. Or restrict background data, so that data-intensive actions occur only when Wi-Fi is available.
To monitor your data usage:
  • From the home screen, touchImage> System settings > Data usage.
  • Touch the MOBILE tab (or use the default screen, if you're only monitoring mobile data).
ImageTo turn mobile data on/off:
  • Drag the Mobile data switch On (right).
  • Or drag the switch Off (left). This is a quick way to temporarily block all mobile data usage.
To set mobile data limits:
  1. Checkmark Set mobile data limit.
  2. Touch the current Data usage cycle.
    Then touch Change cycle and select the day when your plan starts each month.
  3. In the graph of mobile data usage, drag the orange warning and red limit bars to adjust the settings.
To restrict mobile data usage:• Touch Image> Restrict background data.Your apps will wait for a Wi-Fi connection to carry out data-intensive actions (such as app updates, downloads of large email attachments, podcast downloads, and video or photo uploads). Note that some apps and services will stop working when Wi-Fi is unavailable.• Touch Image and deselect Data roaming to avoid expensive charges when you're outside your mobile network coverage. Get your data-hungry apps under controlData-munching apps can add to your monthly bill and shorten your phone's battery life. But you can adjust settings to cut data consumption and extend battery life.Several factors contribute to data and power usage. For example, the Email app uses "sync" to synchronize your phone with an account server. Some apps download large files for updates, or upload large files to share photos or videos. And some apps use the mobile network to send and receive data (instead of using free Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections).To find your most data-intensive apps, start with your Data Usage settings:
  1. From the home screen, touch Image > System settings > Data usage.
  2. Touch the MOBILE tab (or use the initial default screen) to look at data usage over the mobile network.
  3. Scroll through the app list at the bottom of the screen, looking for the longest bars to find the biggest mobile data usage:
To control data usage:
  1. Touch the name of a "data hungry" app in the app list.
  2. Touch Restrict background data.
This limits the mobile data for the app; any data-intensive actions will be delayed until a Wi-Fi connection is available.    3. If available, touch View app settings and adjust the options, looking for settings that will:o Reduce sync frequency or use manual sync.
o Turn off sync for unused items.
o Sync over Wi-Fi only.
o Reduce resolution or lower the data rate.
Wi-Fi data is generally free, but uses battery power. To extend battery life, touch the WI-FI tab. Find apps with the biggest Wi-Fi data usage, then reduce their sync frequency (as described above).Note: To add a Wi-Fi tab, touch Image > Show Wi-Fi usage.Once you've identified which apps are the biggest data users, another option is to open the apps and adjust their settings directly, for example:• Open Facebook then touch Image > Settings > Refresh interval and choose a longer interval.• Open Email then touch Image > Settings > Name of account and adjust the options:
-Mailbox check frequency: Choose a longer time interval.
-Sync over Wi-Fi only: Checkmark to eliminate all mobile data usage for emails.
Finally, if your focus is on sync settings:• From the home screen, touch Image> System settings > Accounts & sync.• Touch the name of an account, then look for settings that will improve performance.
Type text by speakingYou can use voice input to type text by speaking. This feature uses Google’s speech-recognition service, so you must have a data connection on a mobile or Wi-Fi network to use it.Text that you enter by speaking is underlined. You can continue entering text to keep it, or delete it.You can speak to enter text in most places that you can enter text with the onscreen keyboard.
  1. Touch a text field, or a location in text you’ve already entered in a text field.
  2. Touch the Microphone key icon on the onscreen keyboard.
  3. When you see the microphone image, speak what you want to type.
Say “comma,” “period,” “question mark,” “exclamation mark,” or “exclamation point” to enter punctuation.When you pause, what you spoke is transcribed by the speech-recognition service and entered in the text field, underlined. You can touch the Delete key to erase the underlined text. If you start typing or entering more text by speaking, the underline disappears.To improve processing of your voice input, Google may record a few seconds of ambient background noise in temporary memory at any time. This recording remains on the device only fleetingly and is not sent to Google.

Face Unlock
Android 4.0 introduces a completely new approach to securing a device, making each person's device even more personal — Face Unlock is a new screen-lock option that lets you unlock your device with your face. It takes advantage of the device front-facing camera and state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to register a face during setup and then to recognize it again when unlocking the device. Just hold your device in front of your face to unlock, or use a backup PIN or pattern.To begin setting face unlock:
  1. From the Home screen touch Image > Settings .
  2. Scroll down and touch Security.
  3. Touch Screen lock.
  4. Touch Face unlock and follow the on screen instructions.
Some companies may restrict this feature, face unlock may be grayed out because of this. Please contact your IT support administrator for more information.
App upgrades

You may need to upgrade some apps:
  • You may need to upgrade some of your other apps before they'll work with Android 4.0.

Adobe Flash support

Click here for questions and answers regarding Adobe flash support with Ice Cream Sandwich.


You can now easily capture screenshots directly on your phone: press Power and Volume (Down) simultaneously. The screenshot is saved automatically in My Gallery.

Home screens

If you're upgrading to Android 4.0 from Gingerbread (Android 2.3), note the following changes in the way the Android 4.0 Home screens work:

ActionAndroid 2.3Android 4.0
Change wallpaper.Touch Menu > Wallpaper.Touch & hold an empty location on a Home screen, or touch Menu > Wallpaper.
Add a widget to the Home screen.Touch & hold an empty location on a Home screen, or touch Menu > Add.

On any Home screen, touch the All Apps icon Image. Then touch theWidgets tab and touch & hold a widget.

Scroll through your apps or widgets.Swipe up or down.Swipe left or right.
View recent apps.Touch & hold the Home button. Icons for recent apps appear.Touch & hold the Home button. Icons and thumbnails for recent apps appear.
View or edit your contacts.Open the Contacts app.Open the People app, which provides improved integration with Gmail, Email, Google+, and other apps.
Create folders.Touch & hold an empty location on the Home screen, and go to Folders > Select folder.Drag and drop apps, contacts, and more on top of each other to create a new folder.

keyboard auto correct

Touch Image >Settings > Language & input > Next to Motorola input settings TouchImage> Auto Correction.

Recent apps

Your phone remembers the apps that you used most recently. From the home screen, touch and hold HomeImage to see the most recent apps used.

Tip: To remove an item from the recent apps list, flick it left or right.



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Tip No. 28,6720,8417

How do I force my phone to reboot or restart when screen is frozen or phone is locked up?

In the unlikely event that your device becomes unresponsive, try a force reboot.

Press and hold the power button + volume down button for 10 seconds to perform a force reboot on the device.


Note: Data on your phone will not be deleted.

Note: If your phone displays "AP Fastboot Flash Mode" (CLICK HERE to view example) while powering on, simply press the power key and the device should power-up and function normally.

Click here for instructions on how to perform a factory reset.



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Tip No.29,6720,8417

What should I do if my DROID RAZR MAXX freezes, locks up, displays blank or black screen or will not power up?

Quick links

Device is unresponsive, frozen screen, blank or black screen, or will not respond to the power butto...

Device Will Not Power Up

Few things that might be causing your phone to freeze or act sluggish

Blank screens and/or non responsiveness issues after the installing an application called, "Launcher...

If you continue to experience issues, try performing a Factory Data Reset

In the unlikely event that your device becomes unresponsive, frozen, blank or black screen, or will not respond to the power button, you can perform a force restart or reboot on the device. Please follow the steps below:

Press and hold the Power button and Volume down button for 10 to 20 seconds, the device will restart and go through the boot-up sequence.

Note: The forced restart or reboot will not delete any Data on your phone. If your device is running the latest software Android 4.x and it is powered on,  pressing and holding the Power Button and Volume Down button will take a screen picture of the display, you may hear a shutter sound if this happens.

Device Will Not Power Up

If your device powers down due to a low battery, the device will need to reach a minimal charge of 5% before it will power-up. Please follow the steps below to charge and power-up the device:

  1. Without pressing the power button, plug in the device to the supplied wall charger and into an electrical outlet (not a USB port).
  2. Within 30 seconds your device should display a battery meter indicator. If the battery meter is red and below 5% the device will not power up.
  3. If you do not see the battery meter after 30 seconds, please press and hold the Power button and Volume down button for 10 to 20 Seconds with the device plugged in, the device will restart and go through the normal boot-up sequence.

    Once the display lights up you can let go and monitor the battery meter. The battery meter will go away within a minute and you will be required to press the Volume Key periodically to monitor the meter.
  4. When the battery meter reaches a charge greater then 5% you can power the device on.

Please note: It will take approximately 15-20 minutes with the supplied charger to charge the device to a minimal level to power the device back on. Do not use the charger connected to a USB Port as the charging rate is much lower and could take a few hours to charge the device to a minimal level. If your phone is not completely powering up, try the following:

  1. Ensure the phone is powered off.
  2. Remove the microSD card from the phone.
  3. Turn the phone back on again.
  4. Once the phone is back on again, reinsert the MicroSD card back in.

Note: If the phone is still not powering up all the way, we recommend you try another MicroSD card, otherwise we suggest you try to backup any content you may have on the MicroSD card, then formatting the card.Click here to learn more.Tip: If you store content on your memory card, you can transfer photos, videos, or other media to your computer easily by removing the memory card and inserting it into your computer or using a card reader.

There are a few things that might be causing your phone to freeze or act sluggish. It is important to pay attention to how often handset has this behavior when troubleshooting. Consistent screen freezes that never go away even after power cycle might be signs that repair is needed or that the handset might need to be reset.Keep in mind:

  • Your handset can be sluggish initially after power up, so make sure handset has time to register with your cellular network and load up applications and widgets before being concerned.
  • Pulling up attachments from Emails can take up to minute or so to come onscreen.If screen or handset operations are freezing often, try the following to correct the issue:

    Make sure you have the latest software installed. The latest software release will always ensure you have the latest performance enhancing updates for your DROID RAZR  phone. You can check to see if your phone has the latest software by following the steps below:

    Checking for the latest software

    For more information on latest software updates, visit and click on the link undersoftware updates and drivers.

    We've received reports from several users having blank screens and/or non responsiveness issues after the installing an application called, "LauncherPro".

    If you're having any of these types of issue, please start your device in safe mode and remove this app from your device to try and restore normal functionality to your device:

    From the apps menu on your device, tap and hold the app > choose Uninstall > OK.

    If you continue to experience issues, performing a Factory Data Reset.

    Factory Data Reset is a tool used to remove everything that was imported, added or installed on the device. Keep in mind, when using this feature everything is deleted. Nothing stored on the MicroSD or the internal phone storage will be affected unless you choose to erase it as well.

    Factory Data Reset

    1. Turn the phone off and then on, let handset settle in idle mode for several minutes and then repeat activity prior to freezing to try and duplicate issue.
    2. Make sure your battery is fully charged.
    3. If you recently downloaded any item before the sluggish behavior, such as a game or application, try to uninstall the item.
    1. Touch the app tab, in the home screen to open the app menu
    2. Tap Settings
    3. 3. Tap About Phone
    4. 4. Tap System Updates
    5. 5. If there is a software update available, select Update to download the latest software release.
    1. From the screen of your phone, press the Menu button
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Scroll down and tap Privacy
    4. Tap Factory Data Reset
    5. Check Erase internal storage if you would like to erase all the data on the phone internal storage such as applications, music, movies or photos.
    6. Tap Reset Phone


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Is this the same info you posted a while back or is there new info in this one?  The original was very useful.