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RAZR Maxx Random Reboot - ICS


My Droid Razr Maxx randomly reboots a few times a week -- maybe more that I don't know of.

Usually this happens when I am using it - texting, setting timer, playing audio files, but I have seen it happen while idle on the table.


Often, the phone will slow down or crash apps that just shouldn't crash just prior to the reboot.

I've had the built-in timer/alarm app crash multiple times, followed by the reboot.

I have had the browser crash during load, followed by the reboot.

After full reboot, the "Up time" (system settings -> About Phone -> Status -> Up Time) value has not changed.  This seems to indicate that the phone did not go through a full power cycle since the timer was not reset.

Edit: new observation -- it just did it again, after plugging into my computer

The Motorola dual-core logo never comes up during the reboot problem

As far as I know, there are no task killer apps on the phone.  Several employees of the local Verizon store have looked at my selection of apps and have found nothing out of the ordinary.

This is frustrating because I bought this phone on the first day & paid a premium for it and it has been doing this from the beginning.

This is the second phone that is doing this same thing.

It is hard to do a quick task like sending a text when I have to wait for the phone to finish rebooting.

Does anyone know an app that could log reboot activity to the SD card?


Edit: Yes, I have done a full factory reset ... multiple times

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Re: RAZR Maxx Random Reboot - ICS

Sr. Leader

Have you tried doing a system cache clear to see if that helps?


Re: RAZR Maxx Random Reboot - ICS


Thanks for the advice, but I have tried that.