RAZR MAXX HD - "No messages" listed under emails for Hotmail


Worked fine for the first couple of days and all of a sudden it will not get messages and options in settings are limited. stayed on the phone with tech supp. for a couple of hours but we were unable to figure it out. Been working with it and was able to get the account setup through the other email category but it doesn't sync to current emails. It stays a day or two behind. I can reach my mailbox by using the browser on the phone but not by using the email app. Please help as this is just one issue of a couple. But being new to this phone I'm trying to verify I have a problem before I contact support!

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Re: RAZR MAXX HD - "No messages" listed under emails for Hotmail

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Go to the Google Play Store and search for the Outlook Email App. its free.

After you have it on your phone. Go to that crappy native email app that came with your phone from Verizon and delete that hotmail account.

Then go to the new Hotmail (Outlook) app and sign in with your email address and password. once on go to settings and select all the folders you want synchronized to get email. set the sounds and the way you want your email on the phone.

If you feel overwhelmed go to http://www.outlook.com  and log on and look at the help features for the app.

By the way it works great on all my devices. can even have your other email accounts forwarded to your outlook email and answer as being on the other services. but that is a different process to tackle .


Re: RAZR MAXX HD - "No messages" listed under emails for Hotmail


I had an issue with my "other" Roadrunner email account. An outbound email got hung up and would not send. To make matters worse, there is no way to stop it or delete it manually. I kept getting notices about an unsent message every fifteen minutes for a few hours, then I removed and re-created the email account. Email messages came flooding in, and the offending message was gone. I would recommend doing that before you completely give up on the OEM email client.