Power key and Phone Calls termination.


Okay, I screwed up. I attached the power key to my phone calls, and now when the screen goes dark and I press the power key....phone disconnects. That's what I get for applying a suggestion without thinking it through.

I have forgotten where I read that trick, now I have to undo it. I will post a user beware when I find that trick. I thought it would be useful, especially in the "Hands Free" driving world.

I have RTM several times, searching for any combination of power key, phone disconnect to know avail. And that video....well, at least she is cute.

Can anyone tell me how to get this issue resolved. I do NOT want the power key to terminate phone conversations.

Thank you

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Re: Power key and Phone Calls termination.


Found it. "Under Settings/Accessibility/Power button ends call", the Power Button was checked.

Keep it unchecked, otherwise; see above PEBKAC condition.