POP3 and IMAP do not fetch or push properly.


Why does fetch fail?

I have tried to set-up my work account as both pop3 and imap.  Both will manually fetch and push properly immediately following set-up.  Eventually even a manual sync will fail.  I hit manual sync this morning around 10am, the phone worked on it for a few seconds but returned no new messages.  When I fired up Thunderbird on my laptop around 11 I had several messages waiting since 6am.

Sync every 15 minutes works for a while after a reboot but eventually stops working.  I have nothing that stops the email app from running.

My OG Droid never had this issue.  Am I missing something?

Droid RAZR 32 gig

v. 2.3.5

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Re: POP3 and IMAP do not fetch or push properly.


Try switching the SSL setting. I can't understand why but this fixed a very similar problem for me.