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My Razr M Makes calls without me


In the past I have waken to the sound of someones voice coming from my phone to find it had called a contact in my list and I waken to the sound of their voice message, and why would they answer, after all it was 3 AM.  I thought perhaps I had bumped it in my sleep.  Last night, or this morning to be correct, at 4:13 AM. My droid Razr M while sitting five feet from me on my night stand, while charging and the screen black and off dialed a contact that I had not called in well over a month and had cycled out of any list of recent calls made.  Has this happened to anyone else, or is my phone possessed.


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Re: My Razr M Makes calls without me


My boyfriend has this problem with is Bionic.  He narrowed it down to the fact that it only happens when he's charging the phone with the spare universal charger he bought from Target.  He doesn't have that problem when it's not charging or when he uses the charger that came with the phone from Verizon.

It is very odd indeed.  And, well, creepy.


Re: My Razr M Makes calls without me

Customer Support

Hi Back2midnight,

No worries Phonebusters are here!(smile). Based on the information that you have provided it sounds like the software maybe corrupted. I would recommend a Hard Reset to the device to repair any software on the device. Please make sure that you are using a OEM charger with the device to ensure proper charging. Hope this helps!

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