My RAZR just died


How can a brand new phone just die? I was texting a friend and set my phone down for a minute to do some work, and when I picked it up again about 10 minutes later, it was dead. The battery had read at 80% when I set it down, so I know it couldn't be that. But it's shut off and it won't turn on. With all that I paid for this phone, I would expect it to NOT have problems like this. And when I tried to use the online support option on Verizon's website, I was told to CALL THE SUPPORT LINE! if my phone was just plain not working. HOW STUPID IS THAT!? If my phone is NOT WORKING, how can I call!

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Re: My RAZR just died

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Oh sure new phones can die. Bad battery, bad flash RAM, internal electrical spike, faulty assembly of internal components (those Chinese workers are paid only .50 an hour you know) and any one of a number of other things.

I bought a Motorola M (brand new model just came out) charged it up, turned it on and pffffttt. Dead as my great-grandma. Had to swap it out, so if yours is as new as mine was, just go back where you got it and swap it out for a new one. I hope this isn't endemic to Motorola, because my old Moto Q was a tank and no issues at all. But from what I was reading at the time on the web, my fortune was atypical.

So go do the swaperoo and good luck on Maxx #2.


Re: My RAZR just died

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Hi jamjatho,

I know how stressing a new phone can be if it just randomly dies. Due to the Motorola RAZR series not having a removable battery it sounds like your phone actually crashed and not truly died. A crash happens if there's too much information running in the background and the phone is unable to continue running. If the battery had charge on it still then just pressing and holding down the power and volume down buttons for 10 seconds will power the phone up when released. I've included a link to the manual where this is described on page 55 http://bit.ly/AhbLjG. This post is a few days old so I do hope that our support has been able to assist you in having a fully functioning device.

To avoid this happening in the future, you can use the task manager to close out running applications. Press and hold down the button that looks like a house and you will see smaller windows appear. Just move them to the right and they will be closed. Let us know if this helped please.

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