Mind Of Its Own MAXX

Let me start out by saying first that I LOVE the new Droid MAXX. I bought it the day it came out of Iconic, and I am in love with it. However, I think my MAXX has a mind of its own...sometimes, it will just decide to reboot for no real apparent reason. This doesn't take long; maybe 20 seconds, but its weird. Anyone else having this issue? It happens once a day for my phone...

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Re: Mind Of Its Own MAXX

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there droid.does.life,

I am super thrilled that you're loving your Droid Maxx! It truly is an excellent phone! Let's make sure to spook out the ghost that has your phone rebooting. Most times when a phone reboots (like a computer) it's needing that restart to run correctly, though this shouldn't happen often at all. Since yours does, it could be an app or system glitch. Try running the phone in safe mode: http://vz.to/1fXyjNk for a few hours and let me know the results!


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