ICS replaced my Razr MAXX battery with a Samsung battery!


I know that there are people out there having issues with their battery life since the ICS update, and I happen to be one of them as well.  Both my wife and I have the Razr MAXX and both have seen a dramatic decrease in battery life.  I can't even make it through the day without charging my phone.  Even throughout the day, I keep my phone in my pocket and I can feel it getting warm, warmer than I recall it getting on GB, and more frequently.  Now I read some of the theories behind this and followed through with them and still have had no luck.  Here are some examples:

1.)  Because of the update, you've been playing with the phone more to find out all the cool features you have, get familiar with it, etc.

             - I was doing that the first couple of days, now I am not.  I still have the issue

2.)  Use Smart Actions to help conserve your battery

             - I have had that set up when I had GB and checked it after the ICS and nothing has changed (much like any other settings on my phone). 

3.)  Use the *#*#4636#*#* feature to switch from CDMA/LTE to CDMA Only

             - Done

4.)  Don't charge it unless it needs it or let it sit on the charger for an extended period of time.

             - Well, everyday is the only option I have for charging, and I already know that leaving it on a charger for an extended period of time will wreck the battery life, previous experience.  Plus, I get the notification when it's full.

5.)  Check you sync settings

             - Once again, nothing has changed there during the update.  Everything checks as frequently as it did before.

6.)  Clear cache

             - No luck

7.)  Try doing....

             - You name it, I've tried it.. 

Another issue that my wife is experiencing, at times when people call her, she nor the person calling her can hear her, there is not even any static.  She has to restart her phone and call the people back.  Her phone rings, she can answer but all you hear is... nothing.  That about my biggest beefs with this ICS

Before someone starts trolling and says "Why did you have to post another discussion when there is a bunch of others with the same issue", I did post a question a few days ago, had no answers from that.  And also, I'm reposting a new discussion for the simple reason that I am letting people know what I have done and that I haven't found any real answers that are working.  Does anyone else have any ideas? 

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Re: ICS replaced my Razr MAXX battery with a Samsung battery!

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I noticed more then usual battery drainage right after receiving the ICS Update.  I did a few things on the Maxx and battery is actually a little better now then pre ICS.

1) I stopped using Smart Actions

2) I shut my Blue Tooth and Wi-Fi off manually

3) I clicked on the menu button on the phone and selected Manage Apps

4) I disabled ALL of the bloatware on the phone (apps I do not use and these will vary from user to user)

     VZ Navigator

     My Verizon Mobil


     Slacker Radio

A total of 19 apps.

5) I used the Menu above to set the phone to CDMA Auto (PRL)

This not only saved me a ton of Battery, it also gave me back some more usable RAM as the Bloatware is not using it, and also my Data usage went down since the Bloatware is not using Data anymore.

Re: ICS replaced my Razr MAXX battery with a Samsung battery!

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Beatertruck, thank you for your post and sharing what you have done to attempt to remedy this issue. I know it can be difficult when a new software causes your phone to work less satisfactorily than it was before. We have seen other reports of this issue with the battery not lasting as long. This has been reported to our product team and Motorola, and the issue is currently being investigated.

For the issue with static, is this happening on every call? In a certain location? Try removing the SIM card for about 30 seconds and then reboot the phone. I haven't seen the static issue as a known issue and if this is still occuring, her device may need to be replaced.

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