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Hey, some of us regret complaining about the length of time it took to get the new update because of the issues we are having, but I guess that's what happens when we are impatient.  Anyway, since the update I am having an issue with my Razr MAXX unlocking while it is in my pocket.  I have noticed it a couple times already and when it did happen, I pulled up my recent tasks a found out that it had gone through a bunch of applications until I caught it.  I would do a pattern screen lock or something of the such, but I am afraid of the "Emergency Call" button and don't want it to accidentally call 911 while it's in my pocket.  Anyone else having a issue like this?

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Re: ICS: Screen unlocks while in pocket

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Beatertruck,

Congrats on getting the new Android software update, Ice Cream Sandwich! I'm sure that you will love the new enhancements that this update has brought to the phone. Although I don't know what is causing the device to unlock, the idea of a pattern lock or a numeric lock would be the best solution(s) to such an issue. If one of these options wok for you then please advise as this info may help another community member.

Thank you...

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