How do you add a phone number from recent history to an exisiting contact?

Hi all,

I just upgraded to a Razr M from a Droid X. When I'd get a call or make one to a new number that, for whatever reason, was not in my contacts, it was a simple matter to add. This seems to have the same buttons to add to an existing contact, but it simply refused to do so.

Let me explain with an example. I had transferred via syncing the backup assistant, my contacts. However, the very first number I went to dial was not in my list at all, which was strange because he was not only in my list but on on favorites and on one of my home screens (so you'd think he'd transfer over). Regardless, after I dialed his number by looking him up off the old phone, I hung up and went to add him. He still wasn't showing in my list. So I went to the Facebook app, thinking maybe he'd pull over that way. Sure it enough it found him but no phone number (no big surprise but some people allow a number to be shown for friends). So now that I have his FB account, I went back to recent calls, pressed and held, and then selected add to existing. I found him in the list, pressed that contact, and hit save. But it refused to link the phone number to his contact info. No matter how many times I re-tried this and hit save (and looked for other buttons to press to no avail), I could not add him.

I assume that if it will crew up for him, it will screw up for others.

Please help. What am I doing wrong? Why can't I link a phone number I've dialed (or received) to one of my existing contacts?? Is there some step I'm missing?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: How do you add a phone number from recent history to an exisiting contact?

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Don't worry Mark_and_Karla, you are not really doing the wrong steps, it just needs a few tweeks. What most likely is happening is that some of your contacts may have been synced with your gmail account set up on your old and new phone. This means that it would not show up in your backup assistant listing but rather your google contacts. If you go into your people app and then select the menu button (three vertical square boxes bottom right) you will select Contacts to display. You should see an option for your gmail account contacts. If you see the contact in their then that means it is saved under that form.

Now you can choose to customize to show both your backup assistant contacts and gmail contacts while in the contacts to display screen. Now in regards to not being able to sync the number to the FB contact listing, it is not an option. All the contacts listed under FB contacts are non editable because they only show you information linked to their FB and that information can only be edited by that user. Now if you create a contact with the same name, the FB app should integrate the two into one contact eventually once it does an update. This is only if you chose to sync contacts with FB when you set up the FB app on your phone. You can delete and redownload the FB app to get this option again. Overall if you follow these steps, you should be able to find and or sync that and other contacts on your phone.