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How do I sync phone contacts with (into) gmail contacts?

I'm using 3 different GMAIL accounts via my phone. Each GMAIL account (accessed via the web) has their own contact list. There are also some (many!) contacts that can only be accessed via my phone - that is, the information does not show up via web access in any of the three GMAIL accounts.

Is there a way to sync / export all phone contacts in to one particular GMAIL account?

I've tried Verizon Backup Assistant, but this did not fix the problem. I think all it did was back up (to backup assistant) about ~650 of my ~1700 contacts.

Many thanks!

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Re: How do I sync phone contacts with (into) gmail contacts?
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My Goodness that's A Bunch of Contacts:   Your First Gmail Account in the Device is Considered as your 1 account By Going to your other Gmail Accounts on your Computer and Loging in.  Once in there you should be able to go to your Contacts and then Transfer those Contacts to the Primary one.. I have never done this as i don't have that many Contacts but that option should be there. To transfer.. Good Luck b33   

Re: How do I sync phone contacts with (into) gmail contacts?

certainly, export each contact list, #1, #2, #3, then import all 3 into the one email account you select & only have that gmail account doing the sync.

ba is limited to 1000 & only does phone numbers, email must be added manually.


i use both with ba as the primary but anything i enter into gmail contacts, on the pc, is on the phone immediately because i only sync contacts & calendar, gmail isn't my primary email.