Headset Problem


I bought my Droid Razr a few weeks ago at a Verizon wireless corporate store (North Kingstown, RI) and returned it yesterday because the headphone jack wasn't working.  They replaced the phone with a new one.  Great!

Many of tha apps were missing and my old screen protector was taken off and put on the new phone, albeit with many air bubbles now showing.

The time it took to get to the store, plus the hours I need to put the old apps back on and a new screen protector come to about $100.00 at minimum.

The phone is 3 weeks old.  Is that what I should expect from a Motorola product?

I still need a vehicle dock and was contemplating a lapdock but the idea of investing more money in this phone is on hold.

Will Motorola and Verizon  expect it's customer base to stay committed and accept these basic failures of a flagship consumer product?  I don't think so.

Will I receive a nice apology from Motorola and Verizon?  Possibly.  Will Motorola or Verizon go a step further and provide something else to make the customer believe they actually care and are willing to go the extra mile to keep their loyal consumer market intact?


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Re: Headset Problem


they replaced the phone because of the jack, not their problem if you have to reload apps.

i bought a pack of 3 verizon protectors a year ago in january & still have 2 left.

sorry but i don't see that they owe you an apology.