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HELP phone seems stuck and won't turn on or off

Hi....I JUST got this phone....Saturday the 21st.  I have been having issues where I have no internet unless I have wifi.  I don't have the little 3g or 4g symbol at all and anytime I try to get online I can't unless it's in wifi.  Admittedly I could have done something that caused that, but I have bigger problems at the moment.  I thought that maybe I could turn my phone off and then turn it back on again and maybe that would fix my 3g/4g issue, well NOW it turns on and says flashes DROID like it's going to start up, but that's all it does and it won't turn off or go completely on!  I'm thinking that I need to take it in and get a new phone, but maybe there's something I can do...any suggestions?  Thanks

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Re: HELP phone seems stuck and won't turn on or off
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Have you tried a full reboot?

Press and hold the volume down rocker and the power button at the same time. After a moment it will recycle itself completely...might help.

Re: HELP phone seems stuck and won't turn on or off
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I'm sorry to hear that your phone is having data and power issues. That's never awesome! smashogre had a great tip, too. I hope it has worked for you. If not, I do recommend an alternative reset to return the phone to the factory settings. If after these steps, it still isn't functioning properly, please direct message me so I can assist you further.

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