HELP WANTED!!! First week in the books but a few issues.


Howdy all,

Had my Razr for a week now and must say it's far superior to my charge I couldn't wait to get rid of, but that's another topic. Two issues I've notices right out of the gate are; 1) text, email, missed call notification only show in status bar, 2)internet browser video downloads. My first issue w/ notifications is that I'm not getting that little number on the icon (text, email, issed call) to let me know how many unread/new messages for each one. It's a small issue I know but having it is a big help for me. Does anyone elses Razr do this and does it bother them or am I an odd ball? The second issue come from not only videos but other online content that can be viewed online but I would like to download to my SD card or phone storage. I tap/hold the content but no option to download. I installed Mozilla Firefox on my tele and that does have this ablility but it's unresponsive and unpredictible nature caused me to uninstall and advise anyone thinking they like Firefox on there computer so they'd liek to give the mobile version a try to think again, it has a LONG way to go before it's going to be functional let alone practical. So any help would be great and I'll post my own solution if I'm able to find a fix. Please fell free to put in your 2 cents love to hear about everyones Razrs.

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Re: HELP WANTED!!! First week in the books but a few issues.

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i don't have the razr so i could be completely whrong here. however, was it possible that the counters (1,2,3, etc) on missed texts or calls was a sumsung UI feature? the reason i ask is because i have no app/icon for "missed calls" (htc device). the only thing i get is the icon that shows up on the status bar for a missed call and it does not keep count. i don't know where you would even see a number for missed calls? me texts do that, but i use handcet for texting. my email does do it as well though, and i think it is the stock android email app so if that's the case then yours "should" as well.....unless motorola has their own apps for these tasks, that don't count?????


i'm not sure what you mean by download content. you say you are long pressing on content. you can't just tap/hold ANY content and download it. it must be downloadable content, and if it is there should simple be i link underneath it to touch to download.....or an icon to touch to download.