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Gmail/email contacts being suggested in Text Messaging App

Hello all! I couldn't find this answer anywhere--if I missed it, sorry and thanks in advance for the help.

Since an update a few months ago, email addresses have started appearing in my text message application. For instance, if I type in "John", it doesn't just bring up the John I have in my phone contacts (which are stored via gmail in My Contacts), it brings up every John I've ever emailed that's listed in "Other Contacts" in gmail.

The main thing is -- I don't want any emails appearing. I've already had problems where I think i'm texting someone, and in fact I end up emailing them, so they don't get the message in time, etc. I want to use my gmail for emails and my text message application (which is the regular one on the phone) just for texting. I have a number of friends w/o smart phones, so the distinction is important.

Is there a way to turn this particular link off?

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