E-mail with Westel Systems/Midlands.net not sending


After a long time trying to get my midlands.net e-mail to send (I could always receive) I've got the right settings!  Verizon Techs tried to help and they were great as they didn't have to help as it wasn't on their end.

I got a great Tech person from Westel Systems and finally figured out the right settings for the RAZR Maxx:


Port:  587

Security Type:  STARTTLS

Required Sign In

Authentication:  PLAIN

Username (is your whole e-mail addy)

Password (you account password)

Westel was always telling me to go to SSL All Certificates.  I could never use the right port though.  It sounds pretty simple now but after 5 visits to the Verizon store and 2 long conversations with Westel I've got it.

HTH someone else out there!

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