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Re: Droid Turbo overheating

The 805 chipset inside of a lot of the top end phones last year can get warm. The device manufactuer decides when the chipset begins to throttle the speed down to prevent overheating. Sadly, the 810 showing up in flagship this year have an even worse problem with heating. It' the reason the LG G4 went with the 808 and the S6 went with theit own exynos chip. It will probably be better when the snapdragon 820 comes out, but who knows.

Re: Droid Turbo overheating

After all these things you've been saying about the phone and Motorola, you mean to tell me you've left the case on the entire time?  You guys complain about Verizon and Motorola not doing their jobs and being slow to release the updates for these phones, but you didn't have the common sense of your own to do one of the most basic forms of troubleshooting?  

Either way, I'm glad it's functioning better for you without the case.  I do not use a case on my phone, so perhaps that is why mine has been behaving better than you claim yours has.  And the others I know that have this phone also do not have a case, and again no issues with theirs. 

But I'm sure when all is said and done, you will still say the phone is garbage and you'll never own another Motorola because you can't use a case to protect it, and because of that Motorola will be responsible for any damage that may occur to it  Smiley Happy

Re: Droid Turbo overheating

Funny... I started to ask if they kept the case on but assumed it was removed as part of troubleshooting  😛

I use the speck grip case and i have no problems with heat. I plan to switch to the tech 21 case. I haven't heard anybody complain about overheating on XDA forums or at android central... Only a few complaints from those not realizing 120F isn't actually hot for the hardware.

Also... Physics requires the battery to get warm when charging, especially turbo charging.

One last thing... Don't leave your phone in the vehicle sunlight while driving. Even if your ac is on the direct sunlight will overheat any electronics. It happened with my wife's Samsung Galaxy S5 and she couldn't understand until I asked her to try moving the phone out of the passenger seat.