Droid Razr crashed?


My Razr was completely dead when I plugged it into my car charger, waited till it was at 5% and turned it back on. I made a phone call and that was fine on the drive home, continued the phone call as I unplugged the phone (it beeped at me and notified the phone was at 15% or less, plug in the phone). Went inside and plugged my phone in via USB to my laptop and continued my phone call for another 20 minutes on speaker phone, the display was off then all of a sudden I stopped hearing them talking and a small white light came on where the notification light blinks. Tried hitting the power button and I get nothing, tried holding down the power button and I get nothing. The only change I see is when I unplug my phone and the small white light turns off. Please help!

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Re: Droid Razr crashed?


You should plug it into a wall charger to get some real charge on the phone.  USB and most car chargers don't put out enough charge to really charge the phone while you are using it.  It's possible that you just drained it.  The other possibility is that you overheated it.